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The wireless net shell series
AP routing shell series
Mobile power shell series
Mini speaker shell series
WF2.4G gain antenna series
Satellite TV tuner enclosure
High precision plastic mold series
Bluetooth stereo shell series
Digital camera shell series
QI wireless charging treasure case series

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Mobile power shell DY08-1
Shell ultra-thin mobile power
Mobile power DY15-3
Shell DY13 multi-functional mobile power
Shell DY08 multi-functional mobile power
High capacity mobile power shell DY12
Shell DY24 high capacity mobile power
Shell DY26 high capacity mobile power
Shell DY06 multi-functional mobile power
Shell DY09 multi-functional mobile power
Double USB high capacity mobile power shell
18650 mobile power shell color section 4
Mobile power supply route 3 g wireless AP shell
High capacity mobile power shell DY15 double USB output
Shell IP5 high capacity mobile power
Double USB shell apple 5 mobile power

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